one stop shop

From New York City to Napa Valley and many places in between, Mark Choi has worked on countless projects for big name clients like Summit Entertainment, Bon Appétit, YouTube, Sony Xperia, GE, Subaru, Miller 64, Blue Moon, Stewart Title, and many more! Filling almost every position in production, Mark has worked behind the scenes as a cinematographer, camera operator, audio tech, editor, motion graphics animator, colorist, compositor, and the list goes on.  Mark has also worked on numerous short films and music videos in the same capacity, filling every role as needed to produce the best all around video content possible.


Images are very powerful. The proper framing, focus, movement, and composition are all important to the story. 

video editing

Selection and restraint are key to telling a compelling story in a limited time. Even the most gorgeous film can be lost if it's too boring.


High action and high design. Animation can bring a new level of production quality and refinement to any video.