Mark Choi

I am a producer, director of photography, and video editor with a strong passion for intentional, personal, and entertaining stories. I’ve worked over eight years in the media industry in all areas of production, from startups to legacy brands – both in editorial and commercial realms. In addition to my years in the industry, I have run video departments for global Fortune 500 companies, and have been editing digital video since I was in junior high.

From branded content to short films, I have served on countless productions both big and small. Some of the roles that I have served in are Director of Photography, Cinematographer, Director, Camera Operator, Audio Tech, Editor, Colorist, Motion Graphics Animator, VFX Compositor and Digital Imaging Technician (DIT). With such a well rounded background in so many areas of production, I feel that each role has helped strengthen my ability to execute another. Collaboration is key to a quality production, and being able to relate and contribute to many areas of expertise has benefited my career greatly.

After studying Media Production and receiving a degree in Film and Digital Media from Baylor University, I began working as a visual effects compositor before moving to New York City to work as a video editor for a multimedia distribution and production company. While honing my skills as an editor, I also began expanding my skill set behind the camera which prepared me to serve as Camera Operator on several commercial projects over the next three years. Before relocating back to Texas, some of my more notable projects included producing and directing a music video, acting as colorist on multiple music videos, and working on both feature and short films.

I have had the privilege to work with a long list of notable brands such as: